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  • PCB Separator, SMTfly-1SJ
PCB Separator, SMTfly-1SJ

PCB Separator, SMTfly-1SJ Feature:
●Robust frame, convenient transportation & affordable price
●Guide can be adjusted vertically to suit different boards
●Cutting speed could be adjusted according to clients' needs
●Excellent for FR4 & Aluminum panels
●Depth of upper circular blade can be precisely adjusted
●Blades are motor driven (110 volt or 220 volt optional)
●Upper and lower circular blades can be re-used after regrinding
●0.5M stainless steel platform is standard; optional  lengths available

●Easy operation

PCB Separator, SMTfly-1SJ Specification:

Model SMTfly-1SJ
PCB Cutting Length (mm) no limit
Cutting Speed (mm/s) 0~400
Cutting Thickness (mm) 1.0~3.5
Power Supply 110/220 V
Size (mm) 420*280*400
Weight (Kg) 25
Guarantee 1 Year
Delivery 1 Day
Ability 1000 Sets
Min. Order 1 Set

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