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  • PCB Separator, SMTfly-1A460
PCB Separator, SMTfly-1A460

Motorized PCB Separator, SMTfly-1A460 Features:

1.Firm machine structure be designed to prevent electronic circuit, solder point, and solder cutting area of PCB from damage by unsuitable force.

2.Effectively reduce stress and prevent solder point chap from PCB cutting.
cutting speed can be adjusted by the rotary knob.
cutting stroke can be set free and setting value can be showed in LCD.
5.Clearance between circular and linear blades are adjusted to fit different V groove depth and compensates for blade wear out
6.Optional PCB conveyor belt to remove finished PCB cut

7.Have safety sensor to protect hands

Motorized PCB Separator, SMTfly-1A460 Specification:

Model SMTfly-1A460
Max. PCB cutting length 460mm
PCB  cutting thickness 0.6-3.5 mm
PCB  cutting speed 100,200,300,500 mm/sec
Blade motion upper circular blade moving automatically
Blade motive power operating mode motor-driven
Power supply 110/220v
PCB cutting machine  size 770*510*450mm
PCB cutting machine  weight 55kg

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