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PCB Board Cutter Machine with V Groove,PCB Depaneling Machine

PCB Board Cutter Machine with V Groove,PCB Depaneling Machine

1.Round knife, manually cutting against lower linear knife, for reduced stress;

2.Separate pre-scored PCB assembly without stress on either PCB or component;

3.One touch programming of cut length with digital display; 

4.Separating speed is adjusted by a rotary knob; 

5.Handle Intermittent scoring or cut-outs; 

6.Board with projected component can be cut precisely; 

7.Large stainless steel platform on both side of cutting blade prevents board wobble and table height and angle are adjustable; 

8.Optional PCB conveyor belt to remove finished board; 

9.Clearance between circular and linear blades are adjustable to fit different groove depth and compensates for blade wear out.

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