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Flexible PCB Separator Machine,FPC LED Cutting Machine with Multiple Blades

Flexible PCB Board Professional Cutting Machine


1. Manually on the FPC light bar;

2. Automatic cutting;

3. Suitable for all light strips with a board width of less than 12mm (replacement of jigs, tool holders, and clamps on both sides);

4. Knife modular, replaceable.


Technical requirements:

1. Light bar length (1500D type) 600~1500mm (replacement of bottom plate jig);

2. Width of the light bar (1500D type) 6~12mm (replacement of jig, knife seat, both sides of the pressure block);

3. Each cut 35 pieces at one time;

4. There are positioning holes at the front and rear ends of the light bar;

5. Light bar substrate manual feeding.


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