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Hot Selling LED Strip Depaneling Machine

ChuangWei and SMTfly is professional in PCB depaneling technologies covering v-groove depaneling, punching, router & laser.

Upon now, model CWVC-3S has become our best hot selling models for LED strip cutting with a special design which uses 3 blade sets to finish the whole cutting.The first blade set cuts 20% of the PCB v-groove, the second blade set cuts 40% of the PCB v-groove, and the third blade set cuts the last 40% to finish depaneling. Comparing with the traditional way, cutting stress reduced more than 80%. Besides, PCB is level and smooth without warp after depaneling.
Clients could also select the suitable cutting speed according to their needs.
In order to meet larger capacity, we also have a model CWVC-4S which separate 2 PCBs at the same time!

If you are interested in our machines, welcome to visit and cooperate.


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