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PCB Router for Automotive Industries Factories

A Depaneling router is a machine similar to wood router. It uses a router bit to mill the material of the PCB. The hardness of the PCB material wears down the bit, which must be replaced periodically.

Routing requires that single boards are connected using tabs in a panel. The bit mills the whole material of the tab. It produces much dust that has to be vacuumed. It is important for the vacuum system to be ESD-safe. Also the fixturing of the PCB must be tight - usually an aluminium jig or a vacuum holding system is used.
It is very helpful for automotive industrial PCB boards.
The two most important parameters of the routing process are: feed rate and rotational speed. They are chosen according to the bit type and diameter and should remain proportional (i.e. increasing feed rate should be done together with increasing the rotational speed).

Rotational speed depends on the motor spindle. In order to meet customer higher requirements, we are using Germany KAVO spindle which is more stable. It is also popular with our foreign clients!


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