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  • Inline PCB Router,SMTfly-F03
Inline PCB Router,SMTfly-F03

Inline PCB Router,SMTfly-F03

  • Product description: Inline PCB Router

Inline PCB Router, SMTfly-F03

An on-line PCB which is specially used to cut PCBA components(panel) into separate parts, featuring rail-mounted structure without jig cutting. It can be put into production immediately. Featuring ESD static monitoring, cutting stress feedback, and automatic tool changing, it can reach a top speed of 60000 rotates. The control system developed on the basis of our RM system can ensure customer’s rapid and accurate programming.




Machine Size



Approx 1900kgs

Max PCB Size


PCB Thickness


Transmission height


Transmission direction

Left -> Right

Transmission speed


Feeding plate type

Section-type transportation guide rail

Rail width adjustment


Communication signal of upper and lower computers


PCB Positioning

Upper and lower guide rail clamping

Picking system

360°rotary clamping system; 2 groups of vacuum suction nozzles at most, 4 groups of ESD belt transportation/batch panel forwarding units at most

Cutting spindl/speed

Germany KAVO, 60,000rpm/min

Cooling type

Air compression

ESD monitoring


Automatic tool change


Cutting stress feedback


Break blade check


Cutting speed


Cutting accuracy


Repeat positioning accuracy


Coordinate moving speed


Out plate type

ESD belt transportation/batch panel forwarding unit

Waste collection type

Out off the track

Procedure programming

GERBER drawing import/Editing program through visual system

Air supply


Power supply

AC380V±5%, 50/60Hz, 3KW


1. Automatic tool change

2. ESD monitoring

3. Cutting stess feedback

4. Automatic production mode
Linkage between Spc statistic functionand customer’s management system-ERP

6. Can be equipped with explosion-proof function of vacuum cleaner

High reliability cutting system

Germany KAVO high-speed principal axis with a top speed of 60000 rotates, featuring ESD static voltage monitoring and the functions of cutting stress feedback and automatic tool changing.

Super Vision System

A precise machine visual system which consists of German imagining industrial camera, Moritex Lens and measurement-level light source; it

supports all functions of machine calibration, compensation and positioning, featuring highstablility and anti-disturbance capacity.

High reliability PCB gripper system

A perfect solution without jig cutting; A PCB clamping size scope of 2mm, the pick up device can realize repid loading/uploading, featuring high stability and low cost.

Automatic tool changer

The standard tool changer supports three kinds of 3.175mm tools, each of which has a top loading Capacity of 10 ones. It is combined with precise clamping system and lifting system; three axes -X1,Y1 and Z1 of the cutting mechanism can realize tool changing.

ESD ATPD panel forwarding system

Panel forwarding solution 1: the cut PCB will be delivered by clamping system to belt transmission line, and then sent by ESD transmission line via machine into assembling line, or be picked up and loaded into product case by customized manipulator solution.

Panel forwrding solution 2: use batch panel forwarding unit ARM-1 dismantle belt transmission line from machine, insert panel forwarding unit from behind the machine, and directly load the panel into blister box in ARM-1 via clamping system. The solution is featured By simplicity and convenience.


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