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  • PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-480J
PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-480J

PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-480J

  • Product description: PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-480J
Home Appliance pcb depaneling
PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-480J Feature:
1.Separates boards up to 3.5mm thick
2.Shears boards safely with parts as close as 0.5mm to the
score line,including ceramic capacitors
3.Operator foolproof! Panels cannot be inserted into the
knives except on the score line
4.Pneumatically driven
5.Handles high components up to 70mm
6.Bow waves that can occur with round knives are avoided
7.Easy adjusting of distance between knives
8.Independent lab tests show less than 200 microstrains of
stress measuring compression and tension.
9.Has capacity counter function

Home Appliance pcb depaneling,SMTfly-480J
PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-480J Specification:
Model:                                 CWVC-480J
The Longest Minimize:       480mm
Size:                                    990×425×350mm
Minimize thickness:            0.3-3.5mm
Machine Weight:                 220KG

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