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  • Manual v-cut machine(SMTfly-48M)
Manual v-cut machine(SMTfly-48M)

Manual v-cut machine(SMTfly-48M)

  • Product description: Manual v-cut machine(SMTfly-48M)
Manual v-cut machine(CWVV-48M)
Manual v-cut machine(SMTfly-48M) Features:
*Max PCB size: 380*1200mm
*Thickness: 0.8~3.2 mm;
*Speed : 12mm / min ;
*Total Blades : Upper 8pcs ,Down 8pcs;

Manual v-cut machine(SMTfly-48M) Details:
Thickness:          0.8-3.2 mm
Cardboard each time             V≥8 pit (up and down the 8 knives)
Aluminum plate each time   V≥ 5 pit (up and down the four knives)
Fiberboard each time            V≥ 8 pit (up and down the eight knives)
Speed:               8 m / min.
Spindle Motor:  3KW inverter 3.7KW plastic shaft motor 120W crate motor 60W closed
Mechanical dimensions:        1200 mm x 980 mm x 1400 mm (W x D x H)
Weight:             185KG
Accessories:     washer set, V-CUT knife 4. Shield bearing 10, each one the size of a wrench, a hex key set, Blades turret 1

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